Dutch Oven for the Win!!ダッチオーブン

Hi all!!!!
Le Creuset Dutch Oven or ダッチオーブン for the win!!!!  I've been wanting to make
some bread for a while, and recently borrowed a Le Creuset from my mom, who 
was not using it. It's so easy to make this awesome no knead bread.  
I made this with my girlfriend, but mostly it was her 
work.  I don't really like recipes.  She is the opposite, but this time, she 
decided to just make it by feel.
It includes:
-Sunflower seeds
-Olive Oil
-King Arthur general purpose flour
-Green Onions
I believe that's it.  It's very healthy and much cheaper than what you can get
at markets.
So go and make bread!!!! 🙂
Thanks for reading!! 感謝

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