My life: Simplicity in Nature and Art

Time for some of my philosophy 🙂

I’ve found out lately that I don’t need more stuff.   Stuff is great for keeping me happy…for a little while.  Then it just sits there and becomes junk.    Cluttering my space is cluttering my mind.  I’m not saying stuff can’t be useful, I just don’t believe accumulating stuff will satisfy the void in my life.  Which leads me to my point: I need more simplification in my life.

As an artist, I’ve always appreciated the beauty and simplicity of sitting down with a piece of paper and a pencil/pen, and just letting my mind guide my hand.  .

Another place where I’ve found simplicity is in nature.  My girlfriend and I usually go biking, dog walking, or to the waterfront whenever we can. We do it because we appreciate the fact that nature is simple, and because of a special peace it brings us.  It doesn’t ask me to buy the newest iPhone so we can be cool or admired, and it doesn’t require me to constantly monitor Facebook or Twitter.

I’m encouraging you to also find the simplicity in your life.



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