Night time in the City

(I call this original drawing “Night time in the City”)

I’m a night person or

ナイト人, literally "night person" 

I love turning on the radio and just working on my computer or reading a book.   As a college student, my work was mostly done at night, even when I had a whole afternoon to study.  For some reason, I concentrate more when there is nothing to distract me outside.  Sure, I could close the  curtains, but it’s not the same.

There is a certain creepy but cool vibe about the darkness that is both scary and peaceful.  It’s very mysterious and there is uncertainty.  Have you ever walked outside on a bright starry night and just marveled at the galaxy?  How therapeutic!!

Just as much as I enjoy how productive I am at night, I also enjoy the rest it brings.  Phones ring less and there are less emails.

I’m a night person.


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