My Fashion Ten Commandments

Hi all,

Today, I thought I would write a list of what I think is important in fashion.  This could change at any point in the future.

#1. Wear a belt, wear suspenders…but don’t wear both.

I will never forget this tip that I got from a co-worker.  When I told him I would start wearing suspenders, he replied “just remember not to wear suspenders with a belt.”

#2. Never wear socks with sandals or slippers:

What can I say…this just doesn’t look right.

#3.  Black jeans over blue jeans any day of the week.

Blue jeans are so commonplace.  Switch it up!!

#4. Don’t overdo it with black

Black is depressing.  Why wear black when there are so many other colors out there to choose from?  Although keep in mind that you should always match the color of your clothes to your skin tone.

#5. Tuck in your dress shirt, but don’t tuck in your oxford shirt.  Definitely don’t tuck in your t-shirt

Simple enough.  But make sure that dress shirt doesn’t pop out, creating a bulge in the front or back.  If it does…not good.  You also shouldn’t be wearing a t-shirt that you can tuck in, unless it’s what you sleep in.

#6. Layering

Not only does it make you warm, it is visually appealing.

#7. Dress for the occasion

If you’re going to a job interview, you might want to wear a suit and tie.  If you’re going a funeral, you should wear something formal.  You want to stand out, but not in a bad way.   Don’t overdo it when you’re going to the beach or a picnic.

#8. Bow tie over necktie when possible

No reason for this other than I just like bow ties more.  Especially the polka dot ones.

#9. No cartoon clothing

Please keep your love of Mickey Mouse or Spongebob in your closet.  Otherwise, they make you seem like you never grew up.

#10.  Overdoing it with jewelry

Unless you’re a rock star, you shouldn’t be wearing multiple necklaces, multiple earrings, and multiple rings.  Plus, it makes it easier to go through security at the airport.







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