My fave!!!! チーズ

チーズ is how you write "Cheese" in Japanese
Haha I treat cheese like a condiment and pretty much sprinkle it over potatoes, 
pasta, and bread.  (It hasn't melted yet in this picture 🙂 )

And string beans are definitely my favorite vegetable.  I used to like Asparagus 
but lately I've found it to be disgusting.  Fat spears of Asparagus are the 
worst!!! Why is the outer part so hard to chew?  (If you haven't noticed, it 
makes your pee smell bad ------)
Oh, I just did some research online, and you're supposed to peel it before you 
cook it.  (Need to get a peeler) That explains that!!!!  I also cut it into minute 
pieces and cooked a vegetable noodle soup with it.  That was not as bad.  
But my girlfriend loves it and as long as she does, I'll keep buying it.  
Maybe next time, I can peel the skin and slice it for a stir fry.  
My mom also grills it which is pretty good I must admit.  Cook it al dente!!!
Also, I did not know there is a purple Asparagus.  

Pasta time!!I like all kinds of pasta!! 
But have a tendency to overcook it, and then it 
becomes very very soft which is not good.  Don't forget the salt!!!
I've also learned that working with vegetables, simple is good.  
Simply sprinkle some salt and pepper, add a bit of lemon juice and you're good.  
No need to overdo it!!!

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