An Excellent Choice!

Hi all!

I thought I would change the topic tonight, instead of my usual fashion/art/food posts.

I chose my featured image based on a few thoughts:

1.) This is what I drink before I go to bed.  Always Coke, but not always with Absolut.  I’ve tried many times to stop, but just find myself looking to the red can every time.   I have not given up yet though.   I know what Coke is an awesome rust remover, but it just tastes soooo good.   But tonight, I will not have my daily Coke drink. (Hopefully).  Maybe a nice glass of wine or ice water…

2.) Both Coke and Absolut are incredible companies.   Their products are universally recognized and although both are not necessarily beneficial to one’s health, we keep consuming them.    We see them all over the place, from movies to TV commercials to magazines/online advertisements.   It just amazes me time after time how both have perfected branding and are pretty much leaders in their industries.

In case you’re wondering what’s in the glass…there are limes and ice.

Thanks for reading!


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