The Story of A Table

Hi all!!

I like to go thrift store shopping, and one of my recent finds is this table.  This is the end result, but this table was in quite the shape when I laid my eyes on it.   I originally wanted to restore it, but it was too badly damaged.  There were scratches everywhere and paint stains.   The scratches were not just on the surface, but had actually damaged the wood.  It seemed like every time I thought I made one step forward, I would take four  back.   I would polish it, and then stand back and admire it.   The wood itself was beautiful but the scratches were all I could focus on.   I tried to fill in the scratches with wood filler, and it worked well.  However, I just could not find the right color to cover the scratch with.

The table was also left outside , where I was working since we didn’t have room in the house and I didn’t want to stain the carpet.   I soon found that this was a horrible idea for a couple reasons.  First, each day there would be new “chips” in the wood, which I soon reasoned to be bug bites.  Second, I would have to cover the table each day because I was afraid of water damage.

In the end, I thought it would be easier to just paint the whole table.   The golden trim is actually spray paint which worked pretty well.    The knobs were also replaced since the table originally missed one so I had to get a new set.

Not bad for my first restoration project.

Thanks for reading!



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