Daily Dinner Picture-Thanksgiving Edition

Hi all!!

Hope you all had a nice and safe Thanksgiving!!! We celebrated by going to my parents’ house and had a blast!!

We made a few dishes to bring:

Cucumber Salad (with dill, onions, and salad dressing)  We actually bought zucchini instead of cucumber and my girlfriend was very upset when she found out because she was making it and absolutely hated zucchini as a substitute.  I thought it was actually pretty good and ended up eating a whole zucchini.  We ended up going to the supermarket again and getting one cucumber.

Mashed Potatoes:  I usually make this for each Thanksgiving and this one turned out poorly.  I didn’t put enough butter and milk and it hardened before we could eat it.


There was soooo much food!!!


That yellowish stuff is macaroni and cheese which was according to my sister “tasted like it had breadcrumbs, but didn’t actually have any”  It was still pretty good though.

The best thing was the turkey…


Not too dry and very juicy.

Of course, the best part of Thanksgiving is not the food, but the time with family and friends.   I brought my girlfriend to my family for our first Thanksgiving dinner together and every one loved her.  I also got to play with my nieces and they are amazing!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!!


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