It smells like Thanksgiving in here! Pt. 1

Hi all!!

Many of you may be wondering…didn’t he already post about Thanksgiving?

Well, yes I did.  That was Thanksgiving with my family and friends.

But this is Thanksgiving for just my girlfriend and I.

We enjoyed spending time with our loved ones, but we wanted our own.  We’re even using carrots that we’ve been growing for this special occasion.

We’ve never really cooked a turkey before, so we pretty much just extracted the bird from its packaging and stuck it on a pan.  We had a bit of difficulty getting the plastic that was keeping the turkey together out since it was so frozen.  But after that, everything was smooth sailing.  It’s been in there for about 2 hours at 325 degrees.  I poured about 2 cups of water onto the pan just to let the meat stay moist, and to hopefully create a nice broth with the juices flowing out of the turkey.

I’m about to put in carrots and potatoes, and then I’ll update you on how it goes!

Thanks for reading!



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