It smells like Thanksgiving in here Pt.2

Hi all!!

Today’s post is a mix between my own personal experience and some facts/cooking tips.

It’s safe to say that this was and is the best turkey I’ve ever had!!  Dare I say even better than my mom’s?  She brines it overnight and to me it is very good but a bit salty.  Besides, brining is too much work and is a delicate science.  If you still want to brine your turkey, you should use a non-frozen turkey and also rinse it for a few minutes in cold water to rid the skin of salt content.  Then when you make your gravy, use broth that has the least sodium, then just add butter, flour, cream, and salt and pepper in a medium sized saucepan.

As our first turkey, this turned out pretty well.  We were worried that since we didn’t have a thermometer, the insides might not be cooked properly, however, it was a big success!!  Turkey dries out rather quickly, and that was one reason I added water in the pan is to make the meat stay juicy.  The best comparison for how soft the turkey meat is probably pulled pork.  Or maybe chicken?  I know that’s kind of a weird comparison, but it really does fall apart when you touch it.   It might have to do with the fact that this is a young turkey so the meat might not be as rough.   Adding water to the pan to make a nice broth was a very good idea I must say.  The turkey broth turned out to be super delicious and not too salty, which I was afraid of.   I must also note that when I added the water, I sprinkled about 2 teaspoons of salt and pepper in for some flavor.  The rest came from the turkey.  The bones/carcass can also be used to make bone broth if you like.  Although if you want to use an entire carcass you will need to use a rather big pot which you can fill with water and vegetables of your choice.

Turkey meat is actually pretty healthy if you don’t consume the skin.   Turkey is low in saturated fat and is a good source of protein.   Turkey also has less calories than other lean red meats.  Which is sad, because I love beef 😦  However, it is high in cholesterol and sodium.  But then again, it’s not like I eat turkey that often : )  Unless you’re talking about ground beef.  When choosing between ground beef and ground turkey, ground beef is the better option.  The only advantages ground turkey has over ground beef is that it is lower in saturated fat and higher in vitamin B.  If you like bacon, turkey bacon is also very good, however, since turkeys don’t have a enough belly fat/meat to make bacon, it is usually made from ground turkey and only artificially tastes like bacon.  After hearing that, I think I’ll go with real bacon!!  The difference between turkey bacon and pork bacon is 25 calories so you might as well indulge.   I also did some research on whether dark meat or white meat is healthier, and as I thought, white meat is the better option ounce by ounce.  However, dark meat does have more iron in it. Interesting fact: Domestic turkey has white breast meat while wild turkeys have dark breast meat.  It has to do with their freedom to exercise!

The potatoes and carrots turned out very nicely.  All in all, this was a very good first turkey cooking experience!! I might even make it for Christmas!!  There is enough meat to last a week for two people!! We’ll just keep adding vegetables and possibly make some rice on the side!!! And we can’t forget turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce!! Yum Yum!!

Thanks for reading!!



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