A Belt for Every Occasion

Hi all,

I love belts.  They are a fashion accessory that are cheap and always add a different element to your outfit.   The belt you wear says alot about you.

They say earrings are a girl’s best friend.  I think belts are a guy’s best friend.

A few tips:

  1. Wear leather/brown belts with jeans
  2.  If you are taller, wear a colorful belt to highlight your vertical line
  3. Never wear belt with braces/suspenders.
  4. A good belt doesn’t have to be expensive.  It just has to suit your personality/use
  5. If you must wear a branded belt, don’t let it overwhelm anything else your wear.  That is, your belt should not be the highlight of your outfit.  It should be like the icing on the cake, but not the cake.
  6. If you can, match your belt with your shoes.  I know some guides will tell you not to do this.  It’s okay.
  7. The formal belt (what you wear for a business occasion, job interview) should never be a distraction.
  8. Find a novelty item if you can.  It doesn’t have to fit any occasion.  It just has to be something you really like and want in your collection.

Lastly, belt sizing should always be 1-2 inches larger than your pant/waist size.

Thanks for reading!




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