Timberland Boot Review

Hi all!!

This is the first product review from Crazy Koalis.  Now you might be thinking, “Why is there a product review on a blog full of art,fashion,and food posts?”


As you will soon find out, these boots fit each of those categories.  As for food, I guess they could be used to hunt.

Comfort : A-

I give them a – just because they are super heavy.   I recommend them for utility work and for moderate walking around town.  I wore them hiking, and it was absolutely brutal.

Style:  A

These boots deserve an A for style.  I like to pair them with dark jeans, t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt.  I left the tag on the left boot just because it looks cool to me.  They are a work of art.



Cost:  B+

I didn’t give them an A because they are expensive.  I only got these because they were on sale.  Believe me, they are worth every penny.

Quality: A++

Two words…genuine leather!!!  Water resistant but not water proof. Still, that should be good enough for most needs.

Thanks for reading!!


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