The Greatest Video Game Character Ever

Hi all!!

Video games were a big part of my life when I was growing up.  Heck, they still are.

I remember the original orange, grey, and black NES, but wasn’t really into it.  Then I saw the Super Nintendo or Super NES gaming System.  At that time, there was no Xbox and no PlayStation.   The other cool gaming system was Sega Genesis.  NES vs Genesis was the Xbox vs PlayStation of that time.   I didn’t ask for many things from my parents growing up, but one of the few things I did ask for was a Super NES System.  Surprisingly, I got it.  I played computer games before, but that wasn’t nearly as fun as gaming on a TV screen.

The first game I ever played was Super Mario World, which was a significant improvement from Super Mario Bros.  In fact, it came in the box with the system.  To this day, that is my favorite game.  I spent countless hours upon hours trying to beat it.  At one point, I was so frustrated, I bought a guide.  No, there was no internet in those days, so I had to look it up in a book.   Which leads me to the point of this blog post.  Super Mario is perhaps the greatest video game character ever, and perhaps the greatest plumber ever.  Video games became cool when he was born.   Even if you haven’t played the game, I’m sure you’ve heard the soundtrack before.

To this day, I still have it and will never sell it.

The only other game I can think of that even comes close is Oregon Trail which was created in 1971.  My love for that game is a topic for another post.

Thanks for reading!


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