Korean Fried Chicken with fried potatoes!

Hi all!!

I’m not really a fan of fried chicken because most places that sell it usually have really thick breading and ends up being super greasy.  I am a huge fan of Korean fried chicken, which has thinner breading, and actually tried making it. It was definitely really good and inspired me to try my hand at making it.  The steps are rather simple.

Disclaimer:  Unlike conventional recipes, most of these steps will not have measurements.  I’m not someone who likes following recipes, and rather like the experimental approach.  As always, remember to sanitize after handling raw meat.  Be careful with the oil when it is heated in the pan because it is extremely hot and gently dip the meat in it so it doesn’t spray.  I’ve been sprayed in the eye before and it is not fun!

  1.  I used wings for this, but now that I’ve done it once, I recommend using drumsticks because there’s more meat.
  2.  Use a wider pan and fill it about 1/3 with oil.
  3.  Coat meat with flour depending on your breading preference.
  4.  Fry the meat in the oil for about 1-3 seconds.
  5.  Always cut the meat first to see it if it cooked thoroughly before enjoying.
  6. Optional:  If you can get Korean beer, that would add wonderfully to the experience.
  7. I used soy sauce with garlic for dipping.

Thanks for reading!




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