Hot Pot Time!

Hi all,

Had some hot pot last night!!  Hot pot is exactly what it sounds like.   It’s a big pot of water, and you dump vegetables, meat, seafood, whatever you like into it.   The restaurant experience is different than at home, because the pot is divided into spicy and non-spicy soup.  I liked the spicier side better, but it is really really spicy with lots of flavor.

The hot pot restaurant experience is very similar to that of some Korean restaurants, in that they allow you to cook yourself.    The service was pretty good as the staff constantly checked up on us to see what we needed.



Don’t be freaked out by the squid and octopus!  They look gross but are super delicious! The vegetables were also pretty good, and included taro, lotus root, winter melon, and pumpkin.

Thanks for reading!


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