Cleaning the popcorn kettle

Hi all,

The popcorn machine that I’ve gotten has been awesome so far.  The popcorn has been coming out very flavorful and crispy, but today when I turned it on to make salt and garlic popcorn, everything appeared to be working, but no popping.   I’ve used it about 3 times, and haven’t done any maintenance yet, so I thought that might be the problem.

The popcorn is popped by  the kettle which you see in the picture.  It is then attached to a main unit.

Cleaning is hard because there is a main plug on the side so any immersion in water is a no-no.

What I’ve done so far is unplug everything.  Then detach the kettle to scrub with a toothbrush.  I then filled 2/3 of the kettle with hot water.

Thanks for reading!



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